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Eye examination RN RobertsA regular eye examination is an important part of your on-going Healthcare. As well as providing you with your spectacle prescription we undertake a thorough examination of the eye and visual system.

Many people are entitled to an NHS funded eye examination. Please see the link here to check if you qualify:

Find out more from the NHS site here >

Contact Lens Examination

Whether you are an existing wearer or are interested in trying contact lenses for the first time we can advise you on the best form of lenses for your requirements.

Find out more from the Contact Lens section >

A Contact lens aftercare is an important examination to ensure healthy eyes, vision and comfort whilst using your lenses. These are regular checks outside of your routine eye examination and are an important part of successful contact lens wear.

Young Adult Sight test

If you are aged between 16 and 25 years you can qualify for a Young Adult Eye Examination at a reduce cost. Please ask for details.

We are no longer able to accept Eye Care Scheme Vouchers

Wales Eye Care Services

We are accredited to perform examinations under the Wales Eye Care Services (WECS). If you have an acute eye problem or meet certain criteria, you may be eligible for an examination. Please see the website for full details >