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Our independence enables our Dispensing Opticians to select the most suitable lenses for your requirements from the industries premium lens manufacturers.

When choosing new spectacles, it pays to consider the following:

  • Your prescription and its complexity
  • Frame style and suitability
  • The most appropriate form of correction for your requirements

Types of correction

  • Single Vision – A lens designed to provide clear vision at a particular working distance, for example, reading (near), Computer (intermediate) or driving/television (far)
  • Bifocal – A lens with a visible segment, designed to correct two focal lengths within one lens
  • Progressive – Also known as Varifocal lenses. These enable clear vision at all distances, allowing the wearer the convenience of not having to swap between different pairs of spectacles. Unlike Bifocals, they have no dividing line and so appear as if they were a normal single vision lens.
  • Occupational – lenses tailor made to allow clear vision at specific distances within your working environment.

Laboratory lenses RNRobertsAdditional Lens Options

  • Hi-Index – Advances in ophthalmic lens materials means that many prescriptions can now be made both thinner and lighter than before.
  • Photochromic/Transitions – These lenses automatically adjust to changes in natural light – therefore giving you complete protection in all situations.
  • Coatings – These include anti-reflection, hard coats, ultra violet & blue light filters, coloured tints and Polarising filters.


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