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We offer an Enhanced Eye Examination which includes extra benefits in addition to the comprehensive Private and NHS test that you would normally receive.

What’s included?

The Enhanced Eye Examination is the most advanced and detailed Eye Examination available at R N Roberts. We have the latest Retinal Photography, 3D OCT and HRT technologies as we believe they bring our patients the most accurate examination results.

OCT scans give us the ability to look beyond the retinal surface into the sub retinal layers and presents us with diagnostic opportunities not seen before. Digital Retinal Photography technology takes a ‘wide screen’ image of the retina, allowing the optometrist to see a detailed coloured image of the retina. HRT scans provide high resolution 3D images of the Optic Nerve Head. These tests provide the optometrist with the ability to detect many eye diseases much earlier, such as AMD, Glaucoma, Diabetes and more.

The Enhanced Eye Examination is most suitable for patients who require a more in-depth examination. In addition to this technology, the Enhanced Examination requires a longer appointment time. This gives the optometrist time to explain any findings from these scans and images, ensuring you have the most detailed information on your eye health, whilst allowing you the opportunity to ask any questions.

Enhanced Eye Examination

An Enhanced Eye Examination includes the following:

  • A standard Eye Examination, plus Digital Imagery Scans, Slit Lamp Microscopy and Visual Fields Analysis

The service is available for a cost of:

  • £85 for Private Examinations
  • £65 for NHS Examinations including NHS examination Fee

If you would like to discuss this or find out more, please contact the practice.