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Soft Contact Lenses

Being an independent practitioner gives us access to all contact lenses available on the market. We fit and dispense all types of soft contact lenses: daily disposable, fortnightly, monthly and annual replacement contact lenses for use alongside, or, in replacement of spectacles.

These lenses are available as single vision (to correct long or short sightedness), toric (to correct astigmatism) and multifocal (to correct both distance and near vision for people who need reading glasses). Coloured lenses are also available for those who wish to change their eye colour.

Hard Contact Lenses

We also fit hard, or Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP), contact lenses. These are used to correct sight in single vision, toric and multifocal formats as with soft lenses.

Specialist Contact Lenses

We fit specially designed RGP lenses to correct vision in people with certain eye conditions. Most commonly they are used for people who have Keratoconus, a condition that affects the shape of the cornea (the window at the front of the eye that a contact lens sits on). We also fit these specialist contact lenses in people who have had corneal grafts or eye injuries resulting in an irregular corneal shape.

Custom made soft prosthetic lenses can be fitted to improve the appearance of a damaged eye. These lenses are matched in colour to the other eye and hand painted to achieve a very realistic look. Occlusive lenses are used to prevent double vision. Again. they can be matched in colour to the other eye.

For help and tips with Insertion and Removal techniques for your Contact Lenses please see this video link here

Contact Lens finger